Upload Your Photos

To upload your tribute photos, simply use the form below and choose where you would like your photos to go in the template design.

The more clear and crisp your digital photos look, the better the final outcome will be for your Cap Panel!
Make sure that you are able to properly view all of your digital photos on your computer monitor before uploading them to us. We recommend that all images be a minimum file size of 1mb but ideally 2mb for the best final result. We also prefer all images to be in the “.jpg” file format. If your photo needs some minor touch up, that’s no problem! We can revitalize your photo with numerous available techniques. Unfortunately, we do not except slides or negatives at this time. There are however services such as your local Walmart that would be happy to handle this for you. You can also visit www.digmypics.com, and use their scanning services.

Item# – ECP-015
Allowed file extensions are jpg, gif, png, zip. Max file size is 96 MB.
i.e 34.5" x 16.375" (Note: Cap Panel sizes may vary between different casket manufacturers)
i.e In Loving Memory of John Doe
i.e 12 December, 1945- 11 June, 2016
List Hobbies, Personal Interests, Accomplishments, Lifestyle, etc.
i.e. EMail, Newsletter, Web Search, etc.